The Process

Defining the challenge

We understand that every organization faces unique challenges, so we tailor our approach to meet your individual needs. Whether we’re defining the strategy for a start-up company, evolving an existing identity, or launching a worldwide brand, we love a challenge and enjoy our work. It allows us, in partnership with you, to reshape people’s experience of the world and make it an incrementally richer, more meaningful and inspiring place to be.

Concepts with brainpower

Once we gain an understanding of your goals, we can create a strategy to reach them. From competitive analysis to customer surveys to positioning, our research and discovery phase is when the right side of our brain meets the left as we gather seeds of data that will germinate into creative solutions. And while you, the client, are an important part of this process, even more important are our clients’ clients—your customers. By digging deep to cultivate a keen understanding of who your customers are and what they value, we’re able to help you reach them in a memorable, compelling way.

Solutions with a heart

Analytics can help determine the voice of a brand but they won’t make it sing, and Mucca’s strength is our keen intuition and sensitivity to design, as well as its implementation. Big ideas are worthless without the details that make people stop and take notice, and our healthy obsession with the finer points of typography, form, and materials can make your message heard. Our approach is informed by our belief that brands are as complex and diverse as people, and should be treated as such. Expressing their unique stories and personalities with authenticity and a sense of joy is at the core of our work.

For brand identities that have both a head and a heart,
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